Radiant Barrier

Affordable Radiant Barrier does not offer a one size fits all attic system. Every home and business is different and our team develops a customized attic solution for every customer’s budget.

Our system makes your home or office as energy efficient as possible. This leads to you saving money on your heating and cooling costs, reducing your carbon footprint and improving indoor air quality.

We provide long-term, real solutions that increase your home’s sustainability and protect your family throughout the year.

Radiant Barrier and Insulation

Benefits of our Radiant Barrier product:

  • Cell phone usage will NOT be affected.
  • Easy to handle
  • Non-toxic
  • Noncarcinogenic
  • Installation requires no special tools or clothing
  • Does not promote the growth of fungi or bacteria
  • Provides no nest support for rodent or insects
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Meets fire and smoke safety requirements of most federal, state, and local building codes

This radiant barrier product conforms to the following product standards:

  • Emissivity tested to ASTM C1371
  • Delamination & Pliability tested to ASTM C1313
  • Corrosion Resistance tested to ASTM D3310
  • Fungi Resistance tested to ASTM C1338
  • Water Vapor Transmission tested to ASTM E96
  • Flammability tested to ASTM E84 with ASTM E2599
  • Tongue Tear Strength tested to ASTM D2261
  • Trapezoidal Tear Strength tested to ASTM D4533
Which insulation is best for my home?
To determine the best insulation for your home or office, it is best to schedule an evaluation of your property. We can take a look at your attic environment, recommend the best combination of insulation and radiant barrier and provide a price.
What are the benefits of Radiant barrier?
Radiant barrier reflects 97% of the thermal heat in your attic. Since radiant barrier prevents the heat from getting in to your home, you save up to 40% in energy costs. Radiant barrier is non-toxic and noncarcinogenic. It exceeds fire and smoke safety codes and requires little to no maintenance.
What does an energy audit include?
We provide an energy audit so that we can determine the best materials to fit your needs. We perform a thorough inspection of your attic to determine how you can best protect your home and lower your overall energy costs. With our radiant barrier or insulation services, we also have a HVAC contractor check your system to make sure it is running efficiently.

Keeping the House Comfortable

Attic insulation and radiant barrier will lower your energy costs and keep your HVAC system for working so hard in the Texas heat. Attic insulation combined with radiant barrier works in the summer to keep heat our and winter to keep heat in.

One of the most common questions we receive is about how much insulation an attic needs. This all depends on the climate of your house, but here in Texas, we have hot attics. So R-38 insulation is a good choice for our area. The amount needed depends on the size of the attic, the height of the attic, etc.

Keeping your home comfortable and efficient is our top goal. Contact us today for a free evaluation!

Price Guarantee

Although we offer a price guarantee, that does not guarantee we will always be the lowest priced insulation contractor in Texas. In order for ARB to be the lowest contractor, we would have to cut corners and use inferior materials, labor and poor installation practices to offer you the lowest price. We’re not in the Home Energy Efficiency business to cut corners and sacrifice quality for profit. We only install the best insulation materials available on the market.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust, that’s most important to ARB.
We educate the consumer on the many products we offer along with explaining to you the many poor quality products on the market that companies sell their customers to increase their high profits.
We continually strive to deliver the best customer service in the industry at an Affordable price.
Radiant Barrier Installation